Friday, January 13, 2017

My New Love for Jazz

New discovery!!! I think I like Jazz.

I watched La La Land yesterday. So it's a musical, with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as the stars. It's a great movie, I really liked it, and it kind of revolve around Jazz. And right now, I can't stop listening to the movie's soundtrack and I love, LOVE, Mia and Sebastian's Theme. I don't want to give anything away, but the song played at the end of the movie and my friends and I were literally bawling our eyes out!

Speaking of the song, it kind of makes me want to play piano again. The melody on that song is so beautiful that it kind of my old sparks and love for piano. I know, you probably think that I have too many things or "sparks" for things, but it's true. I used to play piano a lot, and I knew how to play a lot of songs, but as I get older, I lost interest. I sometimes still play piano if I want to, but not so much lately. I think a lot of things grow out on me as I get older. My passion for piano, my writing, my will to live (just kidding). But seriously, I need to get something right on track.

And I don't know what to do with my extracurriculars. I join radio and english club, but that's about it. Just joining. And not doing anything with it. I want to do something, and I don't want to seem like I have excuse for everything, but last year has been hard like I've mentioned (but also partly great), so I couldn't take anything seriously. It's also kind of my fault, because I just got into college and at one point I take things too fast, and when it all started to catch up on me, I back out. Something that I need to figure out how to deal with really quickly.

That's something I can make as my 2017 resolution:

  1. Take things slow. 
  3. Take challenges. Looking back to 2016, there are things that I regret not doing.
  4. Calm. Down.
I don't know what's the reason behind number four. Maybe the same reason as number 1? I don't even know.

Anyway, my new love for Jazz still stands. I have been searching for the perfect Jazz playlist on Spotify, but I haven't found out that perfectly fits me and my mood. As for now, I'm gonna go and look some more.

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