Sunday, January 15, 2017

Brand New Day

Tomorrow is a brand new day, and I'm saying that just because I haven't done anything productive today. Not even a little bit. Just so you know, tomorrow is the start of Finals Week, and I haven't studied anything. Not one bit.

I have a weird way of studying, like I see some of my friends study things in advance, and I can't do that. I have to study the day before the test, or else, if I study two days prior the test, I will forget what I studied on the day of the test. So, I'm not risking that.

In other way, I want to be prepared, because the 2nd semester is coming and I want to ace all my tests and I want to get great score. I mean who doesn't, right? And believe me, I have and am trying my best for this semester, and thank the stars college hasn't messed with me yet. Fortunately for me, tomorrow's subject is General English, so I don't worry that much. My class got an A2 level on english, so what we learn is basically basic english and I feel like that's an advantage for me. 'A' on English, here I go!

But I really have to study though, even a little bit. And I don't know why or what makes me write a blog post about it rather than actually studying. Oh well, I'm giving myself a pep talk! As for right now, I'm listening to Taylor Swift. I'm in a mood for Taylor Swift at the moment.

More about finals week, I can't believe it's already the end of this year's semester. Next semester is going to be big, hectic, and maybe a little bit crazy. Into to PAC (Performing Arts Communication) is next semester, along with Intro to Public Speaking (if I'm not mistaken), and other projects from other subjects. I have to be ready for that. If I thought the first semester was hectic, I don't know what's coming my way (at least, that's what the lecturers said).

And after finals week, it's HO-LI-DAY!! Yes, I am so ready for holiday and just taking my mind off of things and just winding down. And I think I'm going to find something to do during my time off from college,  so I wouldn't be as useless as a person than I already am, ha ha! I'm also planning to hang out with my friends more; my high school friends, my college friends, or my middle school friends even. I haven't asked anyone to hang out with me though, I mean, I'm planning 'mentally' but I don't have any plans scheduled yet.

Anyway, I really do need to study. I'm gonna have to find the courage to do so.

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