Thursday, June 4, 2015

Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma Book Review

This book has ruined me. I finished reading this book in the middle of the night whilst listening to Moments by One Direction (not a very good thing to do) and I ended up crying my eyes out. I mean, I literally cried. No, not cried, more like sobbed.

This book tells the story of two siblings who is neglected by their parents. Their father left them to marry another woman and their mother is an alcoholic. The situation forced them be a team to take care of their three younger siblings which eventually developed their feelings deeper than a sibling relationship.

I think this book is very eye opening and I do have to say that this book is not meant for everyone. I was slightly skeptical about this book but I'm glad that I decided to read it. I really love the characters in this book and I really love the characters grow. There are some parts of the book that make me cringed because of how the situation is described (just imagine you loving your sibling in a physical and emotional way).  And also this is the kind of the book where you're thinking, "This is so wrong" but then you're thinking, "oh my God, yes!". This book is so wrong but so right. Throughout the book, I was hating how the story goes but fell in love with it at the same time.

I do too fell in love with some parts of the books. One of the main characters (Lochan and Maya) brothers named Kit was described as the trouble child at the beginning of the book. Kit is angry because of how their father left them and how their mother neglected them which left the oldest son, Lochan, left in charge. And there's this one particular chapter where they all played British Bulldog together and on that chapter I watched how they all getting closer. There's this tension between Lochan and Kit in the beginning but I love how Kit outgrown his rage as the book goes.

Lochan is such a strong character. I love the way he thinks things through and I love the sacrifices he made so his siblings would live happy. I love how loving Lochan is not only to Maya but to the other siblings as well. There's also this part of the book where Lochan is having a panic attack and that part really got me bad. The author portrayed the panic attack amazingly well and I felt like I was suffocating along with him which is also painful.

Maya is the stubborn one of the two. Maya always wanted things when Lochan was very agitated about most things. And I'm not saying that Lochan didn't want things as well, but still Lochan was trying very hard to stop things from going and growing whereas Maya wanted to make things go even further. But as the book goes, I begin to understand how Maya felt.

Overall, this book is amazing. I highly recommend this, but I don't think this book is suitable for younger readers. I would say this book is suitable for 16+, because this book has that kind of bad approach for younger readers. For me, this book is very mind blowing and eye opening. Although the whole incest situation is still very hard to swallow but this book is very, very good. Such phenomenal and has an epic love story. 5/5 stars!

My very first ever book review I post publicly!
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